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Spice Bags Podcast

Winner of Best Irish Food Podcast at the Irish Food Writing Awards 2021!


Spice Bags aka Mei Chin, Blanca Valencia & Dee Laffan, explore their mutual passion for international food and the people behind it.

Part of the HeadStuff Podcast Network, Ireland's largest podcast network.

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New Episode Every Fortnight

In today's Ireland, individuals from around the globe play a crucial role in the food and drink scene.


They hail from places like Thailand, Turkey, Malawi, France and Venezuela. Some are shop owners, home cooks, others are KPs, food producers, food advocates, and Michelin chefs.

Many of their voices remain unheard.

It is our hope that by featuring these people on our podcast, we can start to concoct a contemporary culinary Ireland made up of diaspora, difference, and, yes, deliciousness.  

The latest from us

From recipes and stories from the people that we love to random essays and ruminations, here is a taste of what we're up to when we are not on the mic. Also, we tell you where to shop and what you needing to be eating now. 

Chưa có bài đăng nào được xuất bản bằng ngôn ngữ này
Khi có bài đăng mới, bạn sẽ thấy chúng ở đây.

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